3D Works

When I was young, my grandmother (my mom's mother) taught me how to sew. She had been a seamstress, and spoiled me with exquisite hand-stitched outfits for my dolls. I never had the patience for the detailed work she did, but I did manage to turn out a number of fairly decent homemade outfits (during my elementary school years) and home projects (later in life, when homemade clothes no longer seemed socially acceptable). A few years ago, I had an opportunity to work for many months with a group of artists exploring the use of stitching and sewing in art. We transformed fabric with sewn text, stitched unexpected pieces together, and sewed with unconventional materials, connecting dots and telling stories with thread. It felt like coming home. These sewn pieces are created from a wide range of materials and motivations; what unites them is simply the stitch.